An amazing year

2013 was an amazing year in both my private life and my career: launches, speeches, tennis, a new member of my puppy family, a trip to Boston as well as memorable trips to both Melbourne and Palm Springs. This year also saw people I greatly admire achieve successes in their careers, like Andy Murray reaching Wimbledon and Tom Hank’s great performance in CAPTAIN PHILIPS. This was also, unfortunately, a year of great loss as we lost the legendary actor, Peter O’Toole.

I started the year 2013 in Los Angeles, staying at a beautiful home on the beach in Malibu. Family and friends who had come for Christmas and New Years stayed with me into the new year, and it was a great and relaxing time. 

Soon I was off again, doing what I’ve been doing for the past two years – following Andy Murray around the world as he continues his remarkable journey as one of the greatest tennis players of all time! I arrived in Melbourne to cheer him on as he battled for the win in the Australian Open. I met his opponent Novak Djokovic the day before their big game on Ron Laver Center Court. One of the things I most love about this game, is that two major players, like Murray and Djokovic, can be such fierce rivals on the court, but such great friends off it. I learned that they’ve actually known each other since they were about ten years old, and first played against each other in the Under-12s in France. I asked Djokovic who won their first game, to which he replied: “Andy murdered me that first time!” Then we all, naturally, posed for a picture. I wanted to remember this meeting!

Djokovic would go on to win the glory in their brutal match, but it was still great to see Murray playing like a champ. I must admit that I did try to steal Djokovic’s trophy, but he caught me before I could get it out of the locker room!

Over the course of the year I would go on to watch Murray play at Indian Wells, Wimbledon (though not the final match, for this I was glued to a big-screen TV in Baltimore), ATP, Queens as well as the US Open.

My tennis obsession reached new heights this year, and I even decided to go to Miami for 12 days to train. Some days I got to play alongside Murray, and even the legendary player Ivan Lendl coached me for about 20 minutes one day, which was nothing short of brutal. My personal coach, however is a former player for the Davis Cup from Venezuela. I will continue to work with him throughout the year as I have committed to playing several charity matches next year – and while I’m happy they are for charity, I would still like to win!¨

Later this year, on a trip to Boston, I created the famous photo bomb that echoed around the internet!

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