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My friends have always said that I’m very good at keeping many balls in the air – something I learned early from my mother. Her name was Kathleen and she was truly amazing in how she managed to juggle so many things at the same time. Whilst working full-time (often as the sole breadwinner of the family when my father was unemployed) she somehow managed to devour more books than I could comprehend, cook as well as any chef and always make sure that I was exposed to theatre, dance, music and concerts. Needless to say, she was very supportive of my earliest desires to become an actor, even driving me to acting classes in Los Angeles after a full day at work. Her crazy schedule didn’t leave her with much time for herself. When I now look at all the various projects I have going on, and the many strands of my own life and career, I recognize that my ability to balance all that I take on was learned directly from my mother. 

Over the past decade my life has taken me on many unexpected and challenging adventures. These various strands connect for me, but can be surprising for others in my life. I have often been approached by people who have gotten to know me through one angle of what I do, be it acting in theatre or film, and who are then surprised to learn that I also produce films, or run a theatre in London, for example. Another, and lesser known side of me, is that in honor of my early mentors and how supportive I found their influence, I have also started a foundation encouraging young artists.

And so this website is my way of bringing all the strands of my life together to best characterize and explain who I am. It also provides me with a way to connect with my fans to an extent to which I never have been able to before. Here those who are interested can find sections dedicated to all the things that I am passionate about; film, theatre, my foundation, the Old Vic and Trigger Street.

I have also drawn up a timeline taking you through my entire life illustrated by personal and previously unpublished photos. These will hopefully come together to give visitors a sense of what I felt like during some of the more important moments of my life. 

You can also find information about my new film, NOW: in the Wings on a World Stage, which I have decided to self-distribute. This was a deliberate choice coming after years of thought about new forms of distribution, culminating in my McTaggart speech (which you can watch here). This was a lecture I gave on different forms of distribution and how the platforms which many users are already discovering and using is the future as content and ease of use have become the most important things to viewers. 

The website also contains less serious material, like videos that will be exclusively available only on kevinspacey.com as well as a collection of other rare videos, articles, interviews, music and the most current projects that I am taking on. 

I’m sure there are things that don’t quite work yet, a few kinks along the way and mistakes to learn from, but I ask you to be patient and have understanding. I have had a great team working with me for a long time on putting this all together for you, and I’m enormously thankful to them for all the hard work that they have put in.

There is no doubt that I am very lucky, and I feel very blessed that I get to do what I love for a living. I am unspeakably grateful to all my fans for having stuck by me through thick and thin and am overwhelmed by the reaction my current project, House of Cards, has been receiving. I am definitely enjoying every day of filming.
There is a big part of me, however, that feels like I’m just getting started!

I hope you enjoy the site,


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